And So It Begins

My long awaited sabbatical from fishing is nearing an end. This weekend should prove to be fruitful as I have secured lodging near Salida and a few friends to share some driving duties. I am also happy to announce that I have booked my plane ticket back to the promised land for a mid September foray before I totally immerse myself in the Brown run.

Promised land
Promised land

I have contacted the previously mentioned Komrade Luna and convinced him to join me in this epic journey. Michael Gracie will also be joining us, but I will say I question his logic. When given the choice for an aisle or window the man took a window. Seriously, who does that on a 50 passenger commuter jet? Regardless, I’m looking forward to running him up and down mountains for several days. I’m bringing along bear spray and a defibrillator just in case. That being said several things are assured over the ensuing months.

1. I will catch lots of fish
2. Those closest to me will wonder where I’ve been
3. I will lose dozens of flies
4. I will lose less than 6 egg patterns
5. The man net will make a strong showing

First things first however. In my fishing absence I’ve organized my life and added a few arrows to the quiver so to speak. I managed to come across a Lamson Vanquish that I am going to be able to try out this weekend. Truly the Ferrari of reels (as it should be for $600), just putting this thing on my $150 rod made me feel more like a man. Do I need a conical drag system that boasts 3X more stopping power than other models? Absolutely not. Am I going to tell everyone that I see that my reel can do that. Of course. While this thing may have been designed for blue water I can only speculate as to the advantage it will give me while fighting sub 5 pound fish. With a reel like this you should really be able to lay the lumber to em’.

I am also ecstatic to tell everyone that I have finished construction on my new rod tubes. Since United Airlines makes a habit out of somehow breaking my rod tubes I have converted over to 100% PVC. If something can handle bathroom duty 24/7 I figure it can hold my rod.

I’ve also purchased 2 new lines (factory refurbished of course), some 4X, and a new pair of fingernail clippers. My greatest project however, might just be my new homemade fly boxes. Constructed with art bins from Hobby Lobby, some foam, glue, and an exacto knife they cost me less than $10 apiece and compare to the Bugger Beast which retails closer to $50. The tires are rotated on the truck, the oil has been changed, I’m ready for anything.


  1. Jeff Dickerson


    I’ve been screwing Tibor Everglades onto TiCr’s for the past 5 years or so. I’m likely the only person in America (well, apparently now there’s two) that fishes a reel that would buy the equivalent amount of 6 rods. I’m further certain that I’m the only person in the world that uses TiCr’s for primary salt rods, and Sage rods for backup.

    This is a peculiar sport pursued by peculiar folk…

    I fit in perfectly…

    1. Post

      Hahaha I’d say so. If you give me a choice between a rod and a reel I’ll always choose a reel. I honestly don’t think you need to make a cast further than 25 feet in Colorado. How do you sell me a $700 when all I need it for is to just point at shit?

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  2. Big Poppa

    Nice piece. I think you should let all know that the destination in the promised land is that piece of water from which you spawned. I am hopefully headed there today though my spawning days are over.

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