My Favorite Days…

Are those July trips that get you stirring at 3am. I often find myself unable to sleep because I am so eager for the that first cast.

Cool morning, cool brown

Wondering if I will find rising fish come first light. Wondering if all of my preparation and research will have paid off, or if the Fishing Gods will frown upon my over exuberance.This fine day did bring about good fortune, but when the flows suddenly dropped at lunch hour we had to improvise.

Luckily I had brought along my own wildcard in Komrade David Luna who spends most of his time chasing Carp through Denver’s side channels. With trout fishing giving us issues we decided to hunt the Golden Ghost. After a brief lunch break and a new arsenal of flies we silently began our assault. Most of my experience with these creatures has been a failure. I would put Carp’s evolutionary track record against anything on planet earth which explains their astounding IQ (that or I suck). This fine day however, we were not disappointed…

David Luna


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