Last of the Summer

Lodore. August. While not the best time for exciting water, the weather and camp life is unparalleled. We maxed this ticket out with 25 people and over a dozen watercraft. Young, old, friends and strangers. A true amalgamation of society.

This adult-centric trip had a limited agenda from day to day. There were some however, that wanted to ensure we had a party to remember. They succeeded.

Don’t worry, the attire you see above was mandated. It was formal night after all. Some glitter and tattoos were also made available for the guests that evening.

The party ran deep into the evening. Lights were hung to extend the festivities and not even a torrential rain shower could put a damper on a Martini fueled rager. Somehow I later ended up with the crab shell carcass garbage bags for the next 4 days.

An obligatory snippet from Hell’s Half Mile. I think everyone went right.

Even though this was an experienced Lodore group, we did take time to rediscover some of the obligatory sites. Rippling Brook waterfall, Whispering Cave, Jones Hole. Speaking of Rippling Brook campsites, #2 might be one of the best river campsites that exists.

As much adoration and mystique surround Lodore Canyon and its campsites, I think it might deserve more. There really aren’t bad campsites within Lodore Canyon and really all the way through Whirlpool and past the confluence. We maximized our trip to take the two nights above the confluence, and spent another two nights below.

The company wasn’t bad. Despite the fact there were 25 people, I’m not sure I’ve ever been on a trip where I did less work and had a lighter boat. Everyone deserved a participation ribbon for doing their fair share. We could have gone another 5 days without issue.

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