Dear Colorado

Please tell me why all of you think that you need waders in the middle of the summer. Statistics from this past weekend:

Air Temperature: 87
Water Temperature: 65

Number of individuals “wet wading”: Just myself
Number of individuals in Gore-Tex waders: 24
Number of individuals in neoprene waders: 3

Christ people do you not sweat all day long? Am I the only one that thinks it completely asinine? Either I’ve completely missed the boat on this or Simms and Cloudveil (insert new high end wader company here) have really done a great job with their marketing campaigns. Please justify your position.


  1. Post

    Oh MG, there were some doing the “double haul” with both packs and vests. I was being ridiculous in all its glory. Basketball shorts and cutoff t-shirt for me.

    Yes David, I feel bad for the neoprene guys. The sweat from within my loins was pouring, I can’t imagine their cars smelled very good on the way home. The orange Simms vest…what can I say that hasn’t been said already.

  2. David

    Neoprene wader wearers just don’t know any better, and Gore-Tex wader wearers with orange simms vest and cowboy hat douchebags are just posers!

  3. MG

    Probably a good bet that all of those 27 wader wearers also had vests on, and that at least 50% also donned waist packs as well.

    Someone needs to be the poser. You are, after all, the dirtbag.

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