My Training Begins

Not long ago I signed up for the Carp Slam here in Denver under the advice of one particular Michael Gracie. As a casual carp fisherman I figured it was worth the price of admission and that I could learn from someone of Mr. Gracie’s stature, a slam veteran for several years.

What should not have come as a surprise was Mr. Gracie’s new found reluctance to assist me in my endeavors. You see, this all makes sense considering;

1. We are competing against each other.
2. Up for grabs are some serious prizes
3. If I can beat him I will own his soul until 2012.

I have now taken his strategy and turned it against him. I have enlisted the help of Tyler Kendrick, carp slam veteran, carp slam champion, and carp slam pro in this years competition.

Take that Gracie, under Mr. Kendrick’s tutelage I have nearly doubled my lifetime carp catch in just a few short weeks. It is every man for himself, but one thing is for certain, after the competition is over I think I’ll buy them both a beer at the after party.

I now leave you with some recent footage of my “unconventional” training methods. Think the best, be the best.



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      Well I got one in the mouth and then a picture of another one some snagger left on the bank so that brings it to about 1.5 based on my calculations.

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