Leave My Capr Alone

As I continued training this week in preparation for the 2011 Carp Slam (details of which will be contained in a later passage) I stumbled upon someone interfering with my training. It appears as though some of the northern beats have already been scouted by our friends yielding bow and arrow. I would ask that if you are one of those people reading this you cease and desist immediately based upon the following observations.

1. Shooting fish is pretty lame, even by my lowly standards.
2. If you are going to do that, please remove your prized game animal from public view, it is rather disgusting and sets a poor example for others.
3. Killing things for the sheer joy of killing and not using the animal to eat or give to someone else will cause others to pass (often times correct) judgement about your character.
4. As we live in a continually growing world with increasingly diminishing resources, destroying some of those resources for your own personal satisfaction unnecessarily deprives others.
5. You kill animals for fun and leave them in the dirt.
6. You kill animals for fun and leave them in the dirt.
7. You kill animals for fun and leave them in the dirt.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with hunters in general, hell I’ve gone hunting several times. I just don’t quite understand killing a fish for no reason, even if it is a (grass) Carp. Maybe I’m totally off base on this one, but I know one thing, my boy Roughfisher most likely has my back on this one.

Carp Arrowed
Carp Arrowed

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