Colorado Crawfish Boil

Crawfish boils are a staple of the south, particularly Louisiana where some of the best crawfish come from. They are interesting little critters that require only boiling water and spices to prepare. Be sure to sort them before you boil them though. Dead crawfish are thrown away, you only want to cook the live ones.


60 pounds requires multiple batches, with each batch getting a little spicier as you reuse the water. Get the water to a boil with your spices and then put the crawfish into the tank. Let it boil for about 3 minutes and then turn off your heat. Let the crawfish simmer in the tank for about 15 minutes and you’re done.

A Single Batch
A Single Batch


We ordered the “select” assortment but I was pretty sure this guy came out of the premium bin. We had 20 people and 60 pounds of crawfish, that was plenty to get everyone sick and still have leftovers.

Premium Cray in a Select Box
Premium Craw in a Select Box


The “feeding trough” consisted of potatoes and corn boiled along with the crawfish. We threw everything into an old cooler and added a few more spices for good measure. If you want to really get people excited however, alligator boudin will do the trick.

A Round Meal
A Square Meal


Flush it down with nothing but the best…



The best part might be the leftover crawfish you have at the end of the day. Gumbo, étouffée, pie, bisque, and bread are just a few options.

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