Carp Slam and Stuff

I met lots of dudes, did some fishing, competed in Carp Slam and didn’t win.

Dude Things

Humble photographic artiste Alex Landeen was in for the festivities with a singular goal of catching a Colorado carp. Mission accomplished, fantastic job Mr. Landeen. I in fact, have the first carp he ever caught filmed on my iPhone for your enjoyment… (P.S. he didn’t actually use oatmeal and crisco)


Carp Slam

So I’m sure many of you are wondering why I didn’t win. The easiest thing I could say was that it wasn’t my fault, it was the beat, but then I’d be like every other loser. I had maybe three good shots at tailing fish and missed two of them so yes, I choked a little bit. We also just didn’t see a lot of fish in the first hour of the morning session and really the entire afternoon session. Our poor controller though, we must have walked 10 miles up and down those beats looking for fish. My feet are killing me.






So yeah we got one fish, 30 inches, which wasn’t bad except that our boy McTage brought out the hammer of death in the afternoon session and walked away with Carp Cup glory this year. I can’t remember but his team had something like 111 inches of carp yesterday which is a serious amount of fish. After a few photographs and about 13 beers he looked extremely excited. I look forward to him commenting on this when his hangover subsides on Tuesday.

Trevor Tanner

Carp Slam was a total blast and there is no question that I’m signing up next year. The free food and drink were all top notch and the volunteers did a great job with making sure the event went off without a hitch. It is pretty hard to get a bunch of fisherman organized for an engagement that requires adult behavior so for that I must applaud the organizers. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen, it was a truly unique experience.


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    McTage we will have to get out soon and I got you some of that free range to try out as well. Good job man, you laid out a beating in the afternoon.

    John, it was really fun, hope you can make it out next year. Even if the fishing isn’t stellar there is good beer and food to make the trip worthwhile. Gracie had two guests this year so if you book early for next year you can probably get your own room with him.

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  2. McTage

    That shirt over my shoulder is actually for you John M. so you better hope I didnt spill beer all over it. It doesnt look good for your cause in that picture though.

    Nate – It was great to meet you, we gotta get out for some carpin sometime. Sometime after I kick that hangover! October sounds more realistic than Tuesday about now.

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