Fellow dirtbags David Luna and Tyler Kendrick are champions and deities in the world of capr fishing. They are the victors of the 2010 South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam.

Details are still emerging after our heroes triumphant victory. The after party has taken heavy a toll on their bodies and they are in the process of divulging more of the details and photographs.

What we know for sure….

    David Luna won the Pro-Am on Saturday over fishing legend Barry Reynolds. Barry is amazing and is the Kobe Bryant of his trade.
    Day 2 was Tyler Kendrick and David Luna vs. the field. They came out swinging and punished the competition with almost 100” of total capr landed and photographed. Second place had less than 50”.

Hailing from Discount Tackle our brothers in arms did well by us and helped promote the dirtbag reputation. Viva la champions.

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