Adventures on a Rocky Creek

In an attempt to extend the salmonfly season I ventured off with my father to search for what might be the last fishable salmonfly hatch of 2010 (for me). With the state preparing to close the river for floating in the next several days it was our best shot to cover all of the water we could and coax a couple dumb trout to some huge bugs.

The bigger the better

This plan was by no means ill-conceived. In fact, I was currently batting 3/3 over the last 3 seasons on this same weekend and was hoping to continue my pursuit towards DiMaggio’s record with another crushing victory. Mother nature hadn’t been cooperating in the preceding weeks with unseasonably cool weather and an abundance of rain that kept the water cold and high. The day began slow, but not unusually so. We picked up a couple fish out of the gate at 9am and I was confident we were on our way to at least an easy bloop single. After 3 cigars, and a Vitamin Water Acai Berry we decided to take lunch early to allow the water to warm slightly and give us the largest window for trout activity.

Anyone climb?

Just as I was pulling into second base and getting ready to turn on the jets for yet another homer, disaster struck. Clouds blew in, (and obviously wind…I said they blew in) and the rain began. For about an hour we battled the elements as the temperature dropped what seemed like 25 degrees instantly. Then, just as quickly as it began it was over, sunlight returned and my confidence was restored. Unfortunately this cycle repeated itself continuously for the next 5 hours. This put a substantial damper on our fish count for the day but not my ego. It by no means put a halt to my pursuit towards DiMaggio, but it was the equivalent of going 1-4 with a single that should have been scored a fielders choice. This river usually gives it up in spades, and is like a crack addict with no self control. Generally if they see anything thats absorbing sunlight on the surface they will just attack it. I guess when you’re starving from being under the ice for the better part of 6 months anything looks good. While not entirely the case today I’ll take it, along with a grip load of guys like this.

Keeping the streak alive

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