A Much Needed Pep-Talk

I’ll be perfectly honest. I haven’t had the greatest days recently. It seems like my summer is having trouble getting started. The solution, of course, was to call up my friend Michael Gracie.

All in a days work

Gracie: “Where do you want to go?”
Me: “The Yampa”
Gracie: “Enough said…”

With that brief exchange of pleasantries we decided to depart on Friday after I dropped my lady friend off at the airport for a bachelorette party in Minnesota.

The Yampa is my cure-all, for some reason no matter what is going on I can always have a good day there and I needed it more than ever. Despite some traffic delays we

Ready for anything

arrived at 7pm where I immediately realized that it was a good decision to make this drive. Instead of feeling content with an evening beat down I was hungry for a full day going after these fish.

The fish did not disappoint. On Saturday the God of Fishing saw it fit to shine glory upon me and I relished in the moment. We were attacked by swarms of PMD’s throughout the late morning that allowed us to get in some nice topwater action. By 3 o’clock we decided to give the fish and ourselves a rest. Afterall, my stomach was a little upset after a breakfast of mac n’ cheese. Beer would help that…


The following morning, nursing a mild hangover, I again made my deluxe breakfast and headed out to the stream. It was another day that wouldn’t be soon forgotten. I was able to fish my PMD cripples and Gracie even got a number of fish to indulge themselves on his favorite pattern, “Beav’s Better Buckskin”. The slump is over, the world has righted itself and I am a new man. The only bad news is that I forgot to pick the girlfriend up from the airport. It happens…

A rare Yampa brown

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