The Gracious Victor

Few could foretell what would unfold during Carp Slam 6. Many were confident that the beats around 104th avenue would not only yield fish, but provide us with a clear champion. The fish had moved from downtown they said, all the pods were up north cried the experts. As it happened those northern beats were drawn by some of the best in the business, but at lunch they all had their heads hung low. Raising them only to admire Will Rice and Clint Packo atop the leader board, at one of those southern “downtown” beats.

Despite having to shoulder the weight of one Will Rice, the incumbent champion put on another show and proved that perhaps the man has some mad skillz. Clint Packo and Will Rice had every reason to hoard the limelight, but in a true display of sportsmanship they allowed us to drink from the chalice of victory. Providing us with perhaps just enough luck, to bring it home ourselves next year.

Double Down
I doubled my bets, and had my lady get some extra luck for next year.

I doubled my bets, and had my lady bring some extra luck for next year.

More in depth knowledge of this event (and much better pictures) can be seen over at Alex Landeen’s place.


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