Pulled Pork Sliders

Sliders may be a time honored tradition for a variety of occasions but they don’t have to be hard and they certainly should be memorable, after all we’re all out to impress people. These are sure to blow your mind, make some and you will understand. Things you need:

Kings Hawaiian Rolls

Ranch Dressing Packet

Stick o’Butter

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Colby Jack or other cheese slices quartered

Pulled Pork/Brisket/Burger… etc

Oven at 350


Prepare your meat, preferably something more adventurous than grocery store ground round but whatever you want to do I suppose.


Rub Applied

For me its pork, rub applied and ready to cook.

May the Cook Begin

This usually takes over 12 hours to cook the way I want it to so plan accordingly. I put this on the night before with the idea that we would be eating by 3pm the next day.


So over 12 hours later and this thing is done, temp brought up close to 200 and it will be foiled and set aside to rest for a few hours so that we can do the easy part.

The Frosting

So take that stick o’butter, a 1/4 cup or so of the parmesan, and then a tablespoon or two of the ranch dressing seasoning. Set this aside for the frosting later. When we need it just nuke it for a minute and get a brush out to drizzle it on, but we will get back to that.

Specialization of Labor

Now don’t do anything stupid here, just take the entire package of rolls and cut the top off of all of them at once. Lay them out on a baking sheet like you see above. Now take those slices of cheese and cut them into quarters, lay one each on the open faced rolls for now. If you want to get really creative you can add whatever else you want around this time.

The Meat on This Roll

Now take your meat choice and spread it over your genius creation. It is beginning to take form and create anxiety in the room.

Top with Frosting

Now reapply the top of your sliders that we previously cut off. Take your frosting and nuke that for a minute and brush on the super secret flavor boosting frosting material. You will get some clumpy parmesan cheese but it doesn’t matter, it will all bake in during the final step.

Take those sliders and put them in the oven at 350 for about 10 minutes so everything just congeals together into one bite sized portion of melted diabetic coma. Thats it, you’re now done and have become everyones best friend and the champion of the party. Relish in your glory.

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