Put Down the Bobber

Waiting for the upper Colorado clarity to improve is a frustrating exercise in futility. Having floated Pumphouse to Rancho twice this week we were ready for something different. While most reports have the clarity at 2 feet, I’d say a foot and a half would be more realistic, and later in the day that might even be a stretch. With hopes of not having to look at a thingamabobber for an entire day we shifted our focus.

We were told we would have success, that recent trips had been very productive. Best of all I was asked to only bring vast quantities of olive and black circus peanuts. It only took 400 yards and we had our first fish, an omen for things to come. The fish wanted nothing but the largest of offerings, and we obliged, happy to move them from the shelter of the banks.

We didn’t have to throw a nymph rod all day, and had we reluctantly done so I’m not sure it would have improved our catch. Given a choice, who wants to look at a thingamabobber all day anyway?

Sex Dungeon


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