The Big Sky

I love America, I really do. Everyday I am appreciative of all of the things that others before me have done to ensure that I can live the life that I do here, in America. Of all the places I have gone Montana still holds a special place for me and even though I am biased, it is still the best place in the world (if for only the summer months).

The Salmonflies were done doing their thing but there were lots of Drakes, Goldens, and even some Caddis. I got this box for my dad for Christmas and it appears he has made good use of it. We used lots of Rogue Golden Stones and Drake cripple patterns and because of that it was one of the first times in months that I didn’t touch a nymph all day.

Fishing is always better with friends and we were fortunate enough to have several join us. Our flotilla consisted of three boats but only one required you to smoke pipe tobacco to stay in it.

A bull trout inhaled a small cuttie that I had on. As I was getting the fish close to the boat I saw a black torpedo inhale its prey. I screamed at the guy on the sticks to keep up with the run that he took me on and after a frantic few minutes we subdued the little bullie. There are few things as cool as watching a bull trout zero in on its prey, they are experts at blending into their environment and striking at the perfect moment.

For me it doesn’t get any better than this, wide open spaces and uncharted waters. It would take me a lifetime to figure out most of these watersheds but I try my best for the few days a year I get to go.

The Big Sky Country


  1. Gregg Martin

    Yes, Montana could compare with Argentina I’m convinced. When I passed through years ago I fished for trout,knowing what I do now i’d be looking for something a bit larger and minnow like. Montana has it all for sure.


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  2. MG

    I think the pictures of Kasey enjoying Montana life do a lot more justice to the state than those ugly old farts with the pipes.

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