The Weekend Before “The Weekend”

A leisure weekend before the big Memorial Day crowds? Yes please.

This is the coolest miniature golf course I might have ever seen in my life. The entire thing was basically created from some plywood, spray paint, and spare pieces of 64 Erector Sets.

They are out in force and fish still love them. Lots of Salmonflies on the Colorado River this weekend, probably more on the downswing as the hatch was real thick last week. Colder weather definitely stalled the hatch this weekend so if you’re lucky you could hammer them tomorrow.

What is a man to do when his rod breaks stream-side? This ingenious fellow decided to nail knot the broken section back together with some fly line he cut off his reel. It worked surprisingly well but I think that was more based on how the rod broke than the actual structural support the fly line provided. Still a pretty great idea.

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