A Lover’s Farewell

My Dearest Woolly Bugger,

We have had a good ride together, but even I must evolve from time to time. From your humble beginnings in Pennsylvania (or Europe or wherever it was) to now, you have served as a great partner and companion. Today however, I am eliminating you from my munitions supply, it isn’t you so much as it is me. There is someone else, she doesn’t look all that different from you…we just communicate better. I know that is hard to believe after all these years I can say that, but I hope you understand and can find someone else. I know you think she is a fad, but I think this is more than just a young fling I have, I think it could blossom into more. I hope in the end you are happy, and a part of me hopes that I will want to come back, if you would have me…

Warmest Regards and Deepest Sympathies,

Streamer Box

New Fling


  1. Gregg Martin

    No apologies, I will forever stick with he Woolly Bugger as a staple. Think about it, the number of versions, sizes, weights, colors, and on and on. A version I think is cool is Becks’s Super Bugger, as well as a cone head Bow River Bugger. I am willing to try other streamers often, a correctly tied Clouser’s Deep Minnow is my go to smallmouth fly, but WB are always with me.


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  3. JGR

    I still love woolybuggers and don’t think I can ever give them up. They are no longer my go to flies anymore, but my backup when nothing else will work. Slumpbusters are awesome though, especially tied with squirrel.

    1. Post
    1. Post

      Still a good fly, but there is just a lot of other stuff that just looks sexy now.

      By the way, I loved your post on Quigley flies, those have been my favorite dries for over a decade, the people that fish them love them, and people I show them to quickly make them a must have. I hope they don’t ever go the way of the Woolly Bugger…

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