Extortion Complete

Not long ago my friend Gracie told everyone of my plans to get my hands of some of the Free Range Dubbing that Keith Barton over at Singlebarbed had given out to a select few internet friends. Feeling left out and slighted I took it upon myself to make Gracie a big dinner of my homemade mac ‘n cheese. The thing Gracie hasn’t figured out is that after a nice meal of this caliber he always waddles over to the couch to take a quick nap to deal with the glucose coma that this meal induces. As he slept tranquil on the couch I grabbed the dubbing from beneath his computer desk and peeled myself off samples.

Pretty awesome stuff as it turns out. I took the free dubbing and decided to fill up on some carp flies for the summer. I got myself busy with the rust, yellow mustard, and black claret flavors and am looking to position myself to try out any new flavors that may arise.

Free Range Dubbing
Free Range Dubbing


  1. KBarton10

    I bet Gracie took that Mac n’ Cheese off the surface of that plate as gracefully as a large carp inhaling cottonseeds. Probably restored the dishwasher shine in doing so …


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