Road Trip, Fishing, and Friends

Most people get a couple of good fishing weekends in every year. A weekend where everyone can get together to enjoy good food, fishing, and a few beers. This past Easter weekend was one such trip for me.


Loaded Car
Loaded Car

11:00 AM: Pick Greg Drapeau up from airport.

12:30 PM: Take Greg to shop to buy new waders and a few spools of tippet.

3:00 PM: Preliminary packing of the vehicle, say goodbye to home.

3:30 PM: Costco run, liquor, sandwiches, and breakfast burritos.

4:30 PM: Gas up, head out to meet Mike and Jeff in Conifer.

5:45 PM: After a few traffic delays we arrive in Conifer. Purchased three Acai Vitamin Water drinks for the road and loaded the car with the rest of everyone’s shit.

9:30 PM: Made it to the hotel in Gunnison for the night. Made a 5:00 AM wakeup call.

Four hours in a packed car is miserable for everyone, but often times in events like this, the journey is half of the experience. Casual conversation on the river is usually kept to a minimum and in the evening it is more important to catch some sleep than stay up late playing cards or something. I find that the ride is one of the best times to talk about some hot new midge pattern or the best novelty fishing accessory that you came across that past winter. Fishing is obviously better with friends but it is important to not forget your journey, it might just provide you with some of the best memories of your trip.


  1. Michael Carr

    What a trip, but you left out the fine food and experimental medicine used to increase our perspective about fishing for large trout in a blinding Rocky Mountain spring storm.

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