A Nantucket Summary

I thought this slight paraphrasing of a conversation with my girlfriend would suffice.

GF: How was Nantucket? Was it pretty nice?

Me: Yes, Nantucket is very cool, here is a picture of the island that I took for you, I will base the rest of our conversations off of this map so study it before I move onto the next pictures.

Wannacomet Water Company
Nantucket Island Map

GF: Did you have fun with your friends and did you use some of the flies you brought?

Me: Yeah, we had a pretty good time. I used a lot of the flies that I brought but most of them were totally destroyed by Bluefish…

I actually got tired of Bluefish because they just destroy flies, we were trying to fish for other things.

Bluefish Fly
Bluefish Carnage

GF: Did you use the stuff Gracie gave you?

Me: Of course I did. This just goes to show that when I say I “need” things like reels that I’m not lying. Had I gotten to purchase a Litespeed 4 or Torque 10 like I wanted to then I wouldn’t have had to borrow someone else’s stuff.

Greg Drapeau False Albacore

GF: You’re a dipshit. Did you actually go fishing or did you just play dress up?

Me: Yeah, we got some albies. Check out these houses that are about ready to fall into the ocean.

Nantucket real estate
A True “Beach House”

GF: Wow, you think those people have insurance on a place like that?

Me: I doubt there would be anyone in the world dumb enough to do that, but I’m always impressed with the abundance of stupidity in the world so…

GF: Well sounds like it was nice, maybe you can go back again sometime.

Me: Oh I will go again…I will.

GF: Sigh…

Nantucket Island
Goodbye, See You Soon


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