The Grand Canyon

There’s nothing to write about the Grand Canyon that hasn’t been written already by those far more eloquent than myself. An experience that is hard to describe, it is something that has to be experienced to understand. The longer I’ve been back, the more I have thought about going back…

The Food

Quite simply it was excellent. The work on the front end was worth it. Our meals were efficient, home cooked, and there was an excellent variety. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again, in fact I would prefer it.

Lunches were always prepared in the mornings, and the boxes have made for a good keepsake. I loved being able to eat on the go, or pull over and eat at my leisure without having to setup a lunch station. We also had a lot of elk, like most nights in fact.

Friendsgiving was a hit. Turkey, ham, potatoes, stuffing, mac & cheese, pecan pie. We didn’t have an enormous kitchen, in fact most meals we used a 10, 12 & 14″ DO as large pots and simply reheated what we had prepared in the months prior.

The Carnage

I won the carnage contest. This concludes the carnage section.


You lose sense of time, sense of days. You no longer have use for a clock, your circadian rhythm is based upon sunrise and sunset. As physically challenging as rowing for a month straight should be, you sleep so much you never actually feel tired.

It would take many lifetimes to traverse all of the side canyons. More popular spots like Havasu give you a glimpse of the thousands of other areas that aren’t as well known. Even with 25,000 river travelers each year, this place still feels untouched.

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