Preparing for the San Juan

Tomorrow after work I will begin my journey to the San Juan River in New Mexico. I have never been before, partially because it is about 7 hours from Denver and as much as I like fishing, I’m fairly confident that few things are worth driving 7 hours for. Ultimately I have heard enough good reports that this year I vowed to mark the San Juan off of my bucket list and what better time than the middle of the winter.


While it has seldom been above zero the last several days, the weekend in New Mexico shows highs in the low 40’s. While warmer weather usually draws crowds, I’m hoping that with the Superbowl I can find a little solitude on one of the most heavily fished waters in the country. I’m meeting the rest of my war party tomorrow afternoon where I will relegate the driving duties to my angling partner. I will then take up residence in the back of the car eating blue gummy sharks and guzzling energy sodas. This should be totally awesome.

*Edit* Due to the fact that our accommodations charge extra for internet access I will not be updating. I quit paying for internet access in 2004 because it is ludicrous and it should be free everywhere.


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