Rain…Just Come This Way

June was a tough month for my fishing ego and I am not alone, I heard similar sentiments echoed across the great expanse of the internet (thank you again Al Gore). I’m not sure what it was but I’m beginning to think it had something to do with the hot dry weather we have had so far this summer. When we got the monsoon rains early last week I started to get excited as to what that could mean for the fishing around town.


I was not disappointed. The rains brought much needed water to put out some fires and to get the carp moving again. I fished on Tuesday and it was as if a great exodus from hiding had occurred. I saw more tailing fish in 20 minutes than I had seen in the previous two months. It was absolutely nuts. You could line fish with a horrible cast and the carp wouldn’t care, they must have assumed it was their buddy next to them. Seeing groups of 10 or more fish was not uncommon this last week, and it made fishing so easy that I even caught some fish.


If you didn’t get out last week do yourself a favor and make it happen as soon as you get done drinking that Monster energy soda you have on your desk. You may catch lots of fish this year but this might be your best shot for the big one.

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      Stillwaters is what I was doing last week. The river was a little dirty but I’m sure is fishing well now! Mellow yellow was good but I used every pattern that I had, seemed that everything worked. Lots on eggs and leeches. Just a good time all around.

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